Why I've been MIA....

Well as you have probably noticed, posts have been getting shorter and fewer. Here's why.....I first want to thank everyone who has supported me in my photography business. Those who have encouraged me, and those who have trusted me to capture some very important times in your lives. Unfortunately, due to personal issues going on at this time, I have decided to take a break from photography. If/when I decide to start accepting more shoots I will be sure to let everyone know. This is not something I thought would happen, but right now I need to focus on what’s most important in my life – God and my family. Again, thank you for your support and I hope God blesses you in more ways than you can imagine in 2010!!!(Note: If you have already scheduled a shoot with me for 2010, don’t worry, I still plan on doing those shoots. I hope to go out with a bang!!!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Davis Wedding

Lauren and Chris were married on September 6th. Their ceremony and wedding day was filled with many unique moments. They have been dating for 7 years and you could tell that they couldn't wait to be husband and wife. Here are a few pictures from their day.

The same ladies who did Laurens flowers and catering also did mine at my wedding. It was nice to see them all again.
The flowers were beautiful.

This was a neat idea. Lauren had tulip bulbs for favors.

The florists and caterers grabbed a bite to eat before the bride arrived.

While the girls were running around trying to get ready this is what the guys were doing.

They finally started getting ready eventually.

The beautiful bride

Lauren's family had a great time goofing off during pictures. I'm not sure if her mom even knows what is going on around her.

The flower girl and ring bearer were so cute!

The ring bearer kept striking random poses so Lauren joined in the fun.

But he decided to be sweet for at least a few pictures.

Later on the ring bearer became missing... has anyone seen him?

There he is!

The groom

What a strong flower girl!

I think the groom got a little nervous...

A before and after pic

Right before the ceremony the bride and groom had a moment together but they stayed on opposite sides of the door.

Chris got a little emotional because he couldn't wait to be married. It was so sweet!

Mindy actually introduced Lauren and me when we were in college.

We were worried the hurricane was going to create a messy day but it turned out beautiful!

Cute kids!

Right after walking Lauren down the aisle, her dad surprised EVERYONE (only Lauren's sister and the minister knew what he was doing) with a song for the bride and groom.

It was emotional for everyone.

It's official

Chris didn't want to let go of Lauren!

Checking out each others rings

The girls feet were hurting after the ceremony.

And just a little red

I love the flower girls face in this pic


The rings

Chris couldn't believe what he had just done... Lauren has to drag him to the reception...


Not really

Lauren doesn't look too happy...

But she gets revenge!!!

They were a little thirsty

And the flower girl didn't have time to look for a fork!

Lauren's dad took the time to warn everyone about what would happen if Lauren's younger sister caught the bouquet. He said he would not be happy!

Then Lauren gives Chris a stern warning not to make a scene!

And they're off!

Congratulations Chris and Lauren. I hope you enjoy these images and that your new life together is filled with blessings!