Why I've been MIA....

Well as you have probably noticed, posts have been getting shorter and fewer. Here's why.....I first want to thank everyone who has supported me in my photography business. Those who have encouraged me, and those who have trusted me to capture some very important times in your lives. Unfortunately, due to personal issues going on at this time, I have decided to take a break from photography. If/when I decide to start accepting more shoots I will be sure to let everyone know. This is not something I thought would happen, but right now I need to focus on what’s most important in my life – God and my family. Again, thank you for your support and I hope God blesses you in more ways than you can imagine in 2010!!!(Note: If you have already scheduled a shoot with me for 2010, don’t worry, I still plan on doing those shoots. I hope to go out with a bang!!!)

Monday, July 28, 2008


My cousin Kasey is growing up quickly. Until she came along I was the only girl cousin on my mom's side of the family. She has always been like the little sister I never had. I can't believe she is almost a teenager! She came to visit the other week and we decided to play around a little and take some pictures.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Before and After

Here is another of Hilary. She is already such a beautiful young lady but
I took out some of the shine from her face and smothed her skin out just slightly. I also increased the appearance of blush and eyeshadow on her makeup. I then took out stray hairs from the top of her head and cleaned up the background to make it sharp. What do you think?


Before and After

I have been spending a lot of time this summer learning new techniques with Photoshop. I decided to post a few before and after pictures to see what everyone thinks. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think about these pics. NOTICE: YOU NEED TO CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE THEM. IT IS HARD TO SEE DIFFERENCES UNLESS YOU DO THIS.

This is a before and after of Luke and Shelby

This is a before and after of Hilary. Notice how much brighter the sky is!

I can also do retouches of old pictures. Here is a before and after example of a picture taken of my great-grandmother's family. I think she is the one in the front row with a little bow in her hair.